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My name is Cheyenne Wauben and I am a IPSC shooter from the Netherlands. As far as I can remember, my parents and grandfather have always practiced shooting sports. So from an early age I have always gone to the shooting range. Besides that, my father taught me how to shoot at the campsite. My brother and I shot empty food cans in a field every summer with an air rifle. We got better every year and we really liked this.

I started IPSC in 2016 through my father. He had been shooting competitions for a while and told enthusiastic stories about this every time. I also thought this was a lot of fun, because shooting from one fixed shooting point I found rather boring. After going along a few times, I decided to get my IPSC license too.

I met my partner, Dylan Keppel, at the shooting range and went to a lot of international competitions together. We are both very motivated and spend a lot of hours a week on the range. We share the same passion which makes shooting even more fun. During the year we travel a lot through Europe and shoot around 20 IPSC matches.

The last few years I shot in the Production division with my Phoenix Redback. Now I decided to change to the division Production Optic. My partner always shot in optic divisions and this took my interest more and more. After trying the Shield RMSx beginning 2023, I’ve found this to be more fun. The RMSx makes the transitions from irons sights to optic sights very easy. This is because of how low the sight is mounted on the gun and the large window ensures me that I never lose my sights.

See you soon at the range!

Rooster Mountain Denmark 2021 2nd Production lady
Polish Autumn Handgun 2021 PM Production lady
Geco Masters Germany 2021 PM Production Lady
5.11 Cup Germany 2021 PM Production lady
Walther Cup Germany 2021 PM Standard Lady
5.11 Cup Germany 2022 PM Production Lady
Champagne Trophy France 2022 PM Production Lady
Infinity Open Germany 2022 2nd Production Lady
Juratreff Switzerland 2022 PM Production Lady
5.11 Cup Germany 2023 PM Production Optics Lady

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