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Shadow 2 Optics Ready


In 1980 Jeremy catches the shooting bug in Poole Dorset and quickly starts to look for a more dynamic and practical shooting experience. Finding nothing quite ticks all the boxes he starts running matches at Christchurch in Dorset.
In 1981 at World Shoot 5 , Jeremy gets his first real taste of a World Level event in South Africa.
Two years later in 1983 SHIELD International is formed and at World Shoot 6 Robbie Latham wins. Having decided on a move to Florida , Jeremy starts running security for the Intercontinental Hotel on Miami Beach.
1984 sees the creation of SHIELD tactical systems and a whole new range of target systems appear on the market , along with a multi calibre pistol made by Victory Arms with Jeremy’s help.
1986 at World Shoot 7 Jeremy finishes 55th Place and Robbie wins again ! SHIELD makes it’s first product for the UK MOD in the shape of an AI suppressor.
1988 and Team SHIELD is formed made up of the founding members led by Jeremy White. Angus Hobdell , Graham Lucas , Collette Barnes and Ian Holmes complete the line up.
1990 at World Shoot 9 sees Jeremy finishing 17th in Australia . Notably Doug Koenig wins the WS For the first time using a Red Dot and Jeremy comes home with a new goal.
1992 and the EPC (Electro Prismatic Collimator sight) appears on the drawing boards.
1993 and the World Shoot reaches the UK Shores ( yes you did hear that right , the UK Hosted World Shoot 10 at Bisley ), along with it Sandy Strayer & Virgil Trip approach Jeremy to join STI and assist in growing the sales of the 2011. Jeremy also designs the well known Infinity Logo.
1994 and Jeremy is now in the US Fulltime working for STI in Texas. Later in 1995 STI Separates into two companies , STI under the control of Virgil Tripp and SVI ( Strayer Voight International ) run by Sandy. Jeremy leaves STI to work with SVI.
1996 see’s the banning of all handguns in the UK from private ownership and ending the practical shooting discipline in the UK.
SHOT Show 1997 sees the unveiling of a brand new UK based company to the optics market in the form of Firepoint who release to the public its first prototype sight. Tasco begin conversations with Firepoint to buy 40,000 optics under the rebranded Tasco Optima 2000.
From that point onwards the SHIELD Rollercoaster is fully underway and Jeremy continues to shoot and compete at matches all over the World , right up the present day having just completed the 2022 Pan American Handgun Championship in Florida with his eyes firmly set on the 2023 European Handgun Champions in Greece.

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