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My name is Dylan Keppel, I am 24 years old. I am a successful and ambitious young Dutch IPSC shooter, with my goal set on becoming one of the most successful competition shooters in Europe and beyond. Please allow me to introduce myself briefly:

I first visited the shooting range with my father, at the age of 14, in 2011. At 15 I started IPSC shooting. My father and I went to a lot of IPSC matches together in Europe, and I gained international experience early on. I quickly identified my passion and talent for the sport, and decided to dedicate myself to building my skills, and making this sport a major part of my life’s ambition. I shot in different divisions but chose shooting with an Optic, as it is very dynamic and fast. So currently I am shooting in the Open and Production Optic divisions.

My partner, Cheyenne, is also a dedicated IPSC shooter and current Dutch Ladies Champion. So I have full support from home for my passion and we are able to attend many matches together. We are currently shooting around 20 matches a year around Europe. Together we are on a mission to become world champions! At the moment I am the national champion of the Netherlands and I have won multiple level 3 matches during the past couple of years. (a list of my recent successes below)

I train 3-4 times a week, and shoot over 50.000 rounds a year. I can perfectly combine this training with my job too. I am a salesman for Tarkett-Desso in the Flooring industry, a company very supportive of my sporting ambitions. They give me plenty of free time to focus on shooting and travel, so everything is perfectly balanced.
I am also very physically active and fit, doing gym sessions and physical conditioning several times a week.

My goal is to become world champion! Shield is the optic that will help me with that. I use the rmsX , I chose this optic even before joining the team. The optic is my choice because of the big lens what makes transitions really easy. Besides that is that is an optic where I don’t have to worry about and trust with full confidence.

Hope to meet you on the range soon and I can show you my gun and optic :)

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