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United Kingdom (UK)
Qualifying Grade
Shadow 2 Optics Ready


" THE BOSS !!!! "

As the 2nd generation of the SHIELD Family business, James is always looking to push the bounderies of what the company can do whilst being a damn good shooter as well !

With several World Shoots and Intercontinental championships under his belt, James will always jump at the chance to shoot a match and put his products to the test personally.

" Well I guess i’ve been apart of this sport since my inception.

One of the earliest pictures of me on a range was World Shoot 6 (1983) in Virginia when Robbie won with his leg in a cast.

I spent my youth loading mags, collecting brass and watching Dad practise, construct ranges and more importantly build relationships.

Through these relationships I’ve been privileged to meet and now call friends most of the greatest shooters, many of which are the boldest characters of our sport.

This early start gave me a firm direction in life and has stood Shield in good company through the years, whilst continuing to mould us into becoming the competitors choice.

No other sight company can say they have been so ingrained and driven by the direction of competitive shooting as Shield.

As for shooting, I was kinda thrown in the deep end at the age of 34 at World shoot 19 (2014) in Frostproof. It was my first ever match and just so happened to be a level 5! Sadly due to Roy West being unable to attend I got bumped from the prematch into the main event. It wasn’t my best performance but surprisingly I finished a Delta behind Dad and i’ve been improving slowly since.

It’s frankly an honour to be paying back into the industry I was born into and being part of the IPSC family "

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